The Scripture Levite Ministry is a new initiative of the International Sunday School Department of the Church of God in Christ led by Bishop Alton Gatlin. It is a comprehensive memorization ministry to train the entire church from ages 3 to 100.


The program began during the AIM 2011 convention, where Superintendent Tony Simmons shared the ministry in a workshop in Houston, Texas with assistance from several dedicated individuals. It was also presented during AIM 2012 in Birmingham, Alabama for the purpose of ministry promotion and implementation. The Scripture Levite Ministry benefits the Body of Christ in several very important ways, including (but not limited to):


1.  Development of daily personal devotion

2.  Increased Bible Knowledge

3.  Increased understanding of life application

4.  Worship service incorporation

5.  Demonstrative teams to encourage memorization of scriptures.


The Bible declares in Psalm 119:11 -

"Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee."


The word is hidden in our heart by memorizing and mediating on it daily. The ministry description provides details for Sunday School Superintendents and Christian Education Directors on how to implement the program for the local church. The comprehensive curriculum guide, primarily developed by Superintendent Tony Simmons, can be used to implement the program effectively and efficiently for all age levels within the local congregation. The Scripture Levite Ministry motto, Love God's Word and Memorize it Daily, will benefit all churches and bless the Kingdom of God as we have a better understanding of what it means to live a holy life that pleases God by Word memorization.

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